Simon Data is a customer data platform with the goal of empowering its clients to use their data in the smartest and most efficient way to better communicate with their customers. Presley inherited the branding after a recent rebranding in 2020 and as a new tech startup, Simon had room to mature. While working as the Sr. Brand Manager Presley created and/or oversaw every design decision within the branding, website, advertising, social media, event design, and company collateral.
Sample Pages from Brand Guide created in Figma

Presley oversaw the design of 50 pieces of print collateral during her time at Simon Data. These included product one-sheets, case studies, long-form guides, playbooks, magazine advertisements and a comic book. Simon replied on the frequent release of content to compete in the competitive SEO landscape. As a result, the designs had to be flexible yet efficient to allow the team to release content pieces frequently. 
Simon Custom Icons
and Geometric Patterns
Collection of Advertising 
LinkedIn, G2, Instagram, Twitter, and Simon Blog Images
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