Fashioning Decolonization

Decolonization — What does it actually mean to you? Can fashion be an act of decolonization? 
We would like you to take part in a fashion hacking workshop, where we ask you to visually express decolonization. Bring your own garment to alter or deconstruct to the workshop. If you choose your garment will be presented in a group exhibition to share your story and interpretation. 
The research is being conducted by Presley Mills, supervised by Dr. Ben Barry, for the partial completion for her Master’s degree in Fashion. Participation is voluntary. Reviewed by the RU REB (2018-407)

Time Commitment — 3 hour workshop and follow-up discussion
Do you:

Identify as First Nations, Inuit or Métis?

Have an interest in making art and/or fashion?

Want a better understanding of decolonization?
Are over 18 years old

Email if you'd like to participate!
Thank you!