Presley Mills
Presley is a designer, illustrator, and researcher currently based in Mohkínstsis (Calgary, Alberta). She approaches design as visual storytelling; combining her arts and research practices. She describes herself as a chaotic maker - taking on many different forms of art and craft. She inherited this creative curiosity from her grandma who never let something go to waste without trying to transform it. Her work as a designer is primarily focused on branding and illustrations, while her personal art practice explores illustration, embroidery and beadwork.
After graduating from AUArts, she began work on a variety of projects that include branding, typography, art direction, advertising and publishing projects. She received her Master of Arts in Fashion from Toronto Metropolitan University in the spring of 2019. Presley is a descendant of the Lizotte and Tourangeau families who were located in Fort Vermillion. Presley was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and is a member of the Métis Nation of Alberta. Her Métis heritage inspired her research while attending Toronto Metropolitan University where she focused on the embodied experience of decolonization through fashion. Presley's research centers making as a practice-based method of inquiry to emphasize Indigenous ways of being, knowing, and doing. Her thesis research received The Linda Lewis Award for Design Excellence.   
Presley currently is Brand Manager at Simon Data and is accepting illustration-based freelance projects.

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